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A 2 minute read, Posted by Joran Le Cren on Jun 30 2017
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Hi! Welcome to Squad Twelve. My name is Joran Le Cren.

I believe we are all responsible of the way our society evolves at some degree. The world is changing fast and I’m personally concerned about how our current society is destabilized by those changes. To strive in this environment, I believe in higher education for the majority. We need to learn faster than the pace of change.

I’m a software engineer and I used to train by myself on many technologies.

On the technical side, I specialized myself in Programming at Scale, Quality Assurance and Agile Methodologies. I’m challenged on systems that require to be impactful and to scale rapidly.

On the business side, I’m interested in disruptive innovations that can create a big social or economical impact. I perform product development through the Lean Startup methodology.

I’ve currently 10+ years of experience and I decided to create a blog about my professional activities. It is time to share some of my knowledge and give you some thoughts about the IT world.

There are mainly 3 technical subjects I want to share with you.

I’m a developer so I’ll talk about programming and development best practices. I’m also interested in web architecture at scale so I’ll talk about microservices, cloud, container and devops practices. Finally, I have some experience in IT organization so I’ll talk about agile methodologies and Lean IT.

Software engineering is also driving a major change in the society. Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, robotic or employment, I’ll try to give you my views on the upcoming challenges we are all facing.